PHENOM BULLYZ raises and breeds “Gentle Giants.”

Phenom BullyzBecause we are a smaller kennel, all our dogs are family raised and spend more time in the house or cruising the yard than being in kennels. Another huge advantage of being a smaller kennel is that all our puppies are handled and loved throughout there 8 week stay with us ensuring your pup is well socialized. No mass produced rarely handled puppy mill productions here. In fact we at PHENOM BULLYZ Strive to produce around only two solid Litters per year. So each and every pup is valued and cherished from start to finish.

Unfortunately there are alot of kennels in this industry and with that, your gonna get less than honest, quick to make a buck kennels/breeders. In the short years of business we have seen and heard all the horror stories. Having not only been and on occassions still being a customer ourselves and hearing horror stories of other customers as a kennel we decided to set ourselves above and beyond the competition, not only with our dogs but with your entire experience with us. Buying a high quality dog to some is like having a baby, buying a house or buying a new car. The last thing you want is to get jerked around, scammed or have a less than positive experience with such a personal investment. With the kind of money spent on these dogs alone, you should want a persosnal experience backed by honesty integrity and no bs. If thats what you want, you are again in the right place.
With PHENOM BULLYZ you will get exactly what you pay for. No switches! no photoshop! no lies! What you see and want is what you will get. If your not happy we are not happy. No shipping fears, all dogs will be delivered via cargo air via Delta United or Alaska Airlines. If air shipping is not possible a reputable ground shipper will be used. We are paypal certified but will also work with other payment arangements.

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*No Pitbulls are bred or sold for illegal purposes!!*